nerfherder1138 asked:


First Impression: Thought process was a little something like- Marching band dude? Never met anyone who was in a marching band and proud (no offense of course!). Must be interesting. Also, what is a nerfherder? *follow*

Truth is: I’ve actually been following you for a pretty long time, and I don’t know if I’ve said hello yet or not :x

How old do you look: I don’t know. Post a selfie!

Have you ever made me laugh: Probably, with the band jokes and other random posts that you’ve posted/reblogged.

Best feature: I’m gonna go with mystery, since I haven’t really spoken to you all that much :p

Have I ever Had a crush on you: nah

You’re my: Mutual :p

Name in my phone: I do not have your number!

Should you post this too?: I think you already did :p